Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What does a short sale negotiator do?

We'd like to highlight David as "The Negotiator." What can he do to help regular people, realtors, attorneys, CPAs, etc?

What does a short sale negotiator do?
Designates to work with his lenders as his representative.

Pushes back on unreasonable demands and work with appraisers who are doing the appraisals.
Negotiates with the lender representatives.
Person familiar with the process and knows what banks will and will not accept.
Can be a real estate agent, attorney, 3rd party or anyone else.
Understands foreclosure & mortgage law. Rules and laws vary by state and change as new laws are modified/introduced.

How does a short sale negotiator help buyers and sellers?
How much does it cost to retain a short sale negotiator?
What is I Short Sale's track record of successful closings?
How Does Someone Negotiate & Waive a Short Sale Deficiency Balance?
How does a short sale impact one's credit?
Some homeowners believe if they short sell their home they are automatically relieved of the obligation to pay the deficient balance. Explain this process.

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